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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Companies Underestimate Climate Related Risks"; according to KPMG-Sustainability, NL. "the Front-line, Dutch Wing" of KPMG.

What's all the fuss about!

Why Bother?

Policy Matters

  • Warning also given that all sectors under-estimate the full extent of climate change risk.
  • Six major industry sectors are in particular danger from climate change risks, claims professional services organization KPMG today.

Aviation, health-care, tourism, transport, oil and gas and the financial services sector all feature in the “danger zone” in a report on climate change risks from KPMG* – meaning that they score highly on the risks which face them yet score poorly in terms of their preparedness to face these risks. Financial institutions are particularly exposed to climate risks through their investment portfolios and through the risk to reputation as consumer awareness grows. LINK

Types of Risk Reported: Regulatory, Physical, Reputation and Litigation

One of the famous Big 5 Company Accounts Auditors KPMG needs no introduction to the Business & Financial world. I for one was unaware of the details of their work and approach to Sustainable Development confirming my quite accurate diminutive "SusDev." This work may be less familiar to Environmentalists and Ecologists...

If readers require further references to the KPMG - Accountants & Consultancy Group, I have provided a couple of links below
KPMG won Five Best Company Awards in 2008

Full Report on Climate Change in Your Business

Full Report PDF Link

KPMG nl_ Full Sustainability report & Full Thumbs

My original reference to this "Business Interest" in Sustainability is due the the French Business Paper
Les Echos, 28th May 2008. "Entreprises et Marches" P19.

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