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Thursday, August 13, 2009

List of Embodied Energy and CO2 equivalents for a wide range of materials. Short introduction and illustrative graphs.

Embodied Energy and CO2 equivalent are respectively two very important concepts which, when taken into account, allow intelligent, sustainable development-environmental protection decisions to be taken. Importantly for practice, these are quantifiable.

-Embodied Energy: MJ/Kg-mega joules of energy used in processing per kilogramme of material product.
-CO2 equivalent: (Kg) estimated or measured throughout processing.

Here is a link to an extensive list of diverse materials, composites, laminates etc established by the Inst. of Mechanical Engineers UK, for use in student education via the formula student race initiative category Class 1A (sustainable).

The Formula Student is a regular attraction both for our students in my old University in Glasgow Strathclyde and my new neighbours and their young school ISAT-Institut Superieur de L'Automobile et des Transports here in Nevers. Strath Alumi news in Spring proudly featured a "last word article on two recently graduated students now employed by McLaren Racing team. While congratulating them and the schools involved, I believe the most lasting educational value for all involved in the racing project will derive from the "project building and sponsorship-seeking financial support aspects as well as the ability to shoulder a huge work load since involvement is of a voluntary nature-the power of motivation.

In writing this I hope to dispel any over harsh treatment I reserve for all things Bling and Pie in the sky - I trust I read the Univ. motto "A place of useful learning" correctly and in an acceptable sufficiently wide sense.

Undoubtedly cutting edge engineering helps drive creativity, great invention and innovation, I trust eventually for the public use and more and more in the global context.

For those seeking information on both concepts embodied energy and CO2 equivalents these are more extensively documented by the building and architectural industry

not to mention the highly specialised Cambridge materials engineering people whose computer materials selector deals with both concepts in their "Green Eco selector extensions available from
Granta Design Ltd. Direct link CES Eco Selector eg. cf. graph below

It is to be expected that the packaging industry and the learned materials institutes will show an increased interest in these subjects/

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