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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Green Power - "Leads the Anti-Riot Act"

Conversations on Innovations

On Track for Green Power - "Leads the Anti-Riot Act"

Green Power is the name given to the project, organization and website which organises racing competitions for small, light weight, battery driven electic cars or karts.
Age groups concerned range from primary kids, college and high school students.
The initiative was originally aimed at encouraging vocations at an early age for engaging upon an engineering career, seen to be on the wane, in the GB, by providing both sound science and engineering through school curriculum and teacher & parental support around "do-it-yourself" car design and performance testing through racing.
A near ideal grounding for the "roadmap" to a healthier automobile future has been provided and tested for the 5 consecutive year.
The initiative is well and fully documented, with very helpful design guidance, main features for mobile electric power, including technical drawings, clear outlines of the scientific and engineering principles involved are all given.
This initiative is supported by the Automotive division of tha Materials Institute, UK [Institute of (Metallurgy) Materials,Minerals and Minning] and was reported in the members house journal Materials World in the "Environ