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Friday, December 21, 2012

What Should a Sustainability Strategy Look Like? thanks to Mike Pitts of ESKTN,UK

The following approach " What Should a Sustainability Strategy Look Like? "
 is due to Mike Pitts, Lead Specialist-Sustainability at ESKTN, UK.

" ‘Climate change is like the internet: it gets bigger each year and is hard to make money out of’. These words of wisdom were from Paul Dickinson of the Carbon Disclosure Project (at the Sustainability Leaders Forum 2012) who went on the say that once you do work out how to make money from it, there’s a lot to be had. This principle underpins our view of sustainability: big economic, environmental and social trends that radically shift markets and provide considerable opportunities for innovative solutions for those prepared to grapple with them. After a week of meetings on the topic of sustainability, and meeting a lot of those doing pioneering work, I will share some useful lessons and examples.
Sustainability drives innovation
According to a new report from Edie and Temple almost seven in 10 businesses (69%) consider sustainability to be a priority business driver for success in 2012, and 45% of manufacturing businesses are now seeing sustainability as an important part of value creation. "

Even More on Sustainability by Matt

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Materials Science and Engineering Defined: Sustainable Materials_with both eyes open_Free to download and read or to buy as hard cover_

Materials Science and Engineering Defined: Sustainable Materials_with both eyes open_Free to download and read or to buy as hard cover_

Saturday, September 08, 2012

LINK This-Above-All: Mea Culpa_Maximizing performance, minimizing waste RightScale takes much of the risk out of choosing a cloud

This-Above-All: Mea Culpa_Maximizing performance, minimizing waste RightScale takes much of the risk out of choosing a cloud

Monday, September 03, 2012

More on Innovation - more innovation from the RAE-The Royal Academy of Engineering

In my previous blogpost I introduced readers to the RAE's work and their website. Herin we shall dig a little deeper into their comprehesive approach to innovation and present the dedicated part of their magazine Ingenia.

Here are a few examples of innovation themes highlighted  (page one of 2):
Full articles are freely available via their site under the title Innovation Watch

INNOVATION WATCH - Indoor Sunlight
Monodraught’s sun pipes are replacing artificial light with daylight in schools, hospitals 
and warehouses
INNOVATION WATCH - Pocket-sized programming
The Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes creative computing education with its credit-card
sized PC
INNOVATION WATCH - Railway track reinforcement
Balfour Beatty’s XiTrack is an innovative polyurethane polymer that gels around the 
ballast beneath rail tracks to stabilise them
INNOVATION WATCH - Indoor positioning system
Cambridge-based Ubisense combines Ultra Wide Band radio, RFID tags and GPS 
to create a sophisticated object-tracking system
Innovation Watch - Helping Buildings Breathe
A Cambridge based company, Breathing Buildings, has achieved rapid commercial 
success by producing a pioneering method of natural ventilation in buildings
Innovation Watch - Greener buses
Greener buses
Innovation Watch - Intelligent queue monitoring
Retail businesses are using infrared technology to speed up customer queuing times
Innovation Watch - Home area network for energy visibility and control
AlertMe is a recent UK innovation helping consumers control their energy usage.
Innovation Watch - Radical approach to air decontamination
A machine that decontaminates indoor air and surfaces eliminating viruses, bacteria and 
Innovation Watch - Secure Hypervisor
‘Virtualisation’ enables computing resources to be optimised for power and performance
INNOVATION WATCH - Flybrid Flywheel
Affordable hybrid cars could soon be on the market thanks to a new kind of mechanical 
energy storage device.
INNOVATION WATCH - A quiet revolution
A new generation of wind turbines designed to take into account the turbulent wind patterns of urban environments.
Innovation Watch: shock absorbing material
A flexible polymer that stiffens on impact is now being used in protective sportswear, 
military equipment, and in coverings for high-value goods.
Innovation Watch - Autonomous taxis
A new form of driverless taxi is set to ferry passengers at Heathrow Terminal 5
Innovation Watch -
Water bottle is a life-saver
A water bottle that can filter out microscopic viruses and chemicals to provide survivors 
in disaster areas with clean water.

I strongly encourage readers to visit the RAE online magazine site.

News and Innovations of Note from the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. (RAE)

I have added a new feed to my blog, due to the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. (RAE).

Newly connected to the Academy (RAE) via the professional network Linkedin, I revisited their site with even more enthusiasm upon learning of the EBE-Environmentally Benign Engineering work of Prof Stephan Salter who appears to have adopted my native Scotland and its "eastern capital" Edinburgh where he chose to live and work as long ago as 1973, leaving his native South Africa.

Here is a short introduction from the RAE site dated 24 July 2012:

"Wave energy pioneer receives top Academy Award"
The Royal Academy of Engineering Sustained Achievement Award 2012 has been presented to Professor Stephen Salter, whose career as an engineer holds many notable achievements including 'Salter's Duck' and his pioneering work in the desalination of sea water.
 Professor Salter, a world leader in the fields of renewable energy and geoengineering at      the University of Edinburgh, has spent the last 37 years developing innovative and practical ways of mitigating the impact of climate change. His highly innovative research has resulted in very significant technology transfer through the spin-out of three companies, including Pelamis Wave Power and Artemis Intelligent Power."

Congratulations to Stephen one of many innovators brought to our attention in this case by the Royal Academy of Engineering RAE, UK.

Please do not hesitate to read this feed and visit their site.

RAE News -Wave energy pioneer receives top Academy Award

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Link Innovation in Plastics decoration and surface treatment - Free Papers

Innovation in Plastics decoration and surface treatment - Free Papers

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Serendipity - Internet Search links took me from Webmii to Killerstartups

This site Killerstartups
naturally finds its place  on any page on Innovation and on innovation  management and funding.

 The site claims to review 15+ internet startups per working day. 

They have a neet way of requesting feed back which will be of interest both to the Statups and to future supporters.

Cheers and good luck

Webmii: Know you internet visibility via Webmii

The WebMii Score is the online visibility score for individuals [People by name], [People by key word and/or [companies and brands]  The higher your WebMii Score is, the more you are visible on the net. Rank is indicated on a scale 0 to 10. The higher the score the more visible are you, your company or brand.

For example this blog, my blog brand as I write scores 2.0 out of 10 
(cf Einstein's score of 8.3
but incredibly in the Internet age, Tim Berners-Lee considered to be the inventor of the Internet scores 7.7!

There is certainly room for progress here!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Future of Books could well lie in the eBooks



1. Digital Textbook Sales in U.S. Higher Education – A Five-Year Projection by Rob Reynolds, Ph.D. and Yevgeny Ioffe.

2. THE ECONOMIST: Apple and digital publishing, A textbook manoeuvre, Jan 19th 2012, 22:26 by M.G. | SAN FRANCISCO