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Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year - Engineering Live - NY Policy Resolution?

New year, still alive, much activity, little financial reward, high time I reviewed my job-activity strategy! A New Year Resolution? Most Certainly.

Before presenting my "annual report" let me introduce you to the European Engineering magazine [link] which has been brought to my attention only today (11 Jan 2008) together with their bi-annual publications in 5 or 6 engineering online disciplines. A commendable effort indeed.

My annual activity report?

I tackled a number of price tagged, "winner takes all" challenges posted on the web. If I learned a lot, an aweful lot, I won none.... (details upon specific request to identified persons only)

Pushed into my last entrenchment, I renewed my offer to review a book for my materials Institute in UK, to be published in Materials World in Feb. or March this year (2008). Not much help in the face of known inflation (francs to euros) with more inflation expected by all authorities, OCDE, EU-ECB, UK-BoE...

So if any of my readers have work to offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

(PS. I do not act as an intermediary in funds transfer or act as a fraudulent inheritance figure, so please cut out the SPAM ).