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Thursday, June 22, 2006


While polishing up my previous talk "Conversations" I recieved a "new wave"
"A Tsumami" of good Innovation sites to examine.

That "infamous climate change hockey stick" all over again!?
Exponential, potentially explosive?

Can it be managed? Take time to examine this Search Tool.
Yes , I did think it worth repeating.

To-day 16 Sept 06, I am pleased to add this weblog-site, "The House of Innovations"

from Google Ads (leads) under this post Innovation "Firing on all cylinders." It illustrates what I mean by in my side bar "ADDS CONTENT-UNDERLINES CONTEXT" and why I decided to to add a new motto "More Ads Please." It features comments from specialists and mny links.

Further, in view of possible "Clan-friendship", (not exclusive) synegies between "Coat of Arms & Clan Crest" with the writings of Prof. Glenn Macdonald , at Washington Univesity in St. Louis, in line (& online) with the Wedge Strategy & opinions of Princeton's Socolow ie.

"Enought technology exists currently to combat human induced global warming leading to climate change without inventing new technology".
That is
Innovation becomes a priority: political, economic & social, business & industry, etc.
This applies to Scientists & Technologists too-no sphere,field can "afford" to ignore the lessons of GW->CC.
Inventions and discoveries must not, be neglected.
They can grandly make implimentations, in time, easier, smoother, better.

(Link For Editing)