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Friday, March 03, 2006



I - Find the necessary energy_I do not mean frêt over "Freight" at the price of oil or highly pertinant...I mean, in this instance, gather your own potential internal energy.
Try for yourself, the liberating force of accepting and embracing climate changes measured facts: The two main greenhouse gas indicators, carbon dioxide (CO2) and Methane(CH4) are on a vertigenous upward exponential curve, a red alert.Methane(CH4)Up-Date
These gases are estimated to contribute 50% of the current,man-made, global warming trend, easily recalled by the so called Hockey Stick. To view, open and scroll down to Fig.6 for an International Panel for Climate Change-IPCC source Hockey Stick for CH4.(Source:IPCC TAR Fig. 4-1) For a more detailedDiscussion on Validity cf. in particular Fig.1. Roughly the "Hockey Stick" is a good representation of the correspondence between measurements & modelled results over the last 20years, by numerous independant expert teams of climatologues). Again should you wish to view a Forward Thinking Film about Climate Change? please feel free to view this link.

II. Now that the reader is convinced of the current climate change general tendancy with a proverbial clout over the head with the equally proverbial hockey stick.
The questions to answer becomes: What, if anything, can be done about it? Obviously more motivation for innovation a) by acting to test our mastery of our "collective action" ie system maximisation. This requires short & medium range action whose best policies will be built into our long-term,long-range planning not to mention life-long learning. And since there will always scepticts, they must be minimised in the system,design, decision, analysis sense. Hopefully the proverbial hockey-stick may not be brought fully into force!?

Before we go too far lets look at some more science:

Despite the above hyperlinked progress features, consider human activity as far from optimum functioning, not exactly news! ie. there is always room for improvement.

If science has established several systems limitations, mapped by universal constants:Heizenberg's uncertainty or indetermincey principle in fact fixes limits,a lower limit, to infintessimals, the quantum in the form of Planck's constant h Boltzmann's constant k too belongs to this infintesimal category ; the Einstein's equation of energy-matter equivalence E=mc^2, where c is the constant speed of light=300,000km/s, Entropy& Time's Arrow

it has certainly not examined all combinations of the known-a sort of Alchemistry for want of a better word. Click this link for an interesting presentation & list of SI units, physical & universal constants.

I shall develop, more fully, the concept of limitations and their positive power later.

Please feel free to consult my new weblog site(s) and read the short poems entitled

  • "Toe the line" or "The Prefects Prayer"

  • . It is based upon the very clear short book "Les Constantes Universelles" (Universal Constants in english) by the Physics Nobel Prize winner Gilles Cohen Tannoudji. I warmly recommend both C.Cohen Tannoudji's book for the concise,insightful account of the universal constants; G, c, k & h the gravitational constant,the speed of light,Boltzmann and Planck'constants respectively and my,hopefully mind stimulating, verses on LIMITS in

  • "Newton is Dead"

  • ENTROPY,Chemical-Thermodynamics; Gibbs, Helmholtz, J.C.Maxwell et al. in

  • "From Entropy to Poetry,"

  • LASER Light-beams in

  • "Jaggy Stuff"

  • or again on WORK & JOBS

  • "Le travail c'est la santé-a damned good job too", (scroll down to main bloc 2)

  • or even on Neutrinos in

  • "Not so Shy"

  • . These and other subjects are treated in a light-hearted but fairly sound fashion.

    As suggested above, despite such exponential increase in knowlege,(that non-trivial hockey stck crops up again) it is trivial, still,to say that infinately more is unknown than is known, even excluding the outer space & extraterrestrial exploration often involked in such statements.

    Indeed I am trying to focus my attention, certainly, and also with luck, the chance readers attention, "the more the merrier", upon our own planet. Home-in and stick around to see-the joy in it. Enjoy it! I aim to underline or much better, lets say underscore this. Take careful note of this last word and be "assured, reassured" that hereupon, it is true to say "the more the merrier" is insurance, the power of great numbers, people, their dollars, euros or even only little pennies, centimes or rupées... as we all, at least those who care, know, that this is the planet upon which we and our children and our children's children "have been called upon" to live-Natures Alchemy.

    Of course, by now, you will have realised, that I am refering to topical (and tropical) preocuppations those of durable & sustainable development, an area as vast as human knowledge and intelligence can span!

    Let me encourage you to fearlessly face present and potential futures.
    There is little choice in the the main directions but infinities of combinations.

    See for yourself, how easy consensus may be achieved, synergies reached, needless arguement avoided or transcended, and this over a huge range of issues providing much open (real systems & entropy) truthful (science's aim) communication is adopted. Can it be otherwise at least in science? (cf. Shannon & Info Theory & Entropy again)

    On the contrary see how dificult things appear when such Big Picture director remains clouded, without rain, a drought and smog out-weighing fog.

    These lines have been written specifically to describe the recent "shock awakening", I personally experience upon my own decision to consider these issues, to be truely major issues, to be true best representation of reality, to be real, tangible and in many cases amendable to change cf. Shewarts Laws of Systems amenable to Change.

    While the tools of thermodynamics have imposed limitations on work, it has also provided a manuel for the most efficient use of energy. I expect some more development is required to explain such notions but for those interested many excellance courses from high school to university level are freely available on the internet. Many, many, thanks to all involved.

    Unfortuneately thermodynamic science says nothing about using energy for the better, about what purpose energy shall be put and I and most people argue that such issues transcend petty profit (NB. as opposed to well deserved earnings, profit etc. I owe that last distinction to the memory of my illustrious compatriot Adam Smith and not to any misguided/ misinformed, lip-servivce to today's capitalist system in its worst "neo"-liberal expression. The latter comment I dedicate to the constant and considerate efforts of the late John Kenneth Galbraith (2 May 2006) and to the personal explaination by a current day french journalist JFK-Jean-François Kahn, founder-editor-in-chief of two Magazines "Les Jeudis de l'Information" & Marianne cf. also, by scolling down to the 2nd main block of my website front page my verse "Le travail c'est la santé-a damned good job too" written in the Scots tradition "Letter to" or "Address to"

    I hope to use this personal new found energy to overcome the perceived resistance by many lobbies in defence of the far-from-optimun endeavour (too much competition kills the competition), business as usual-the best thing to do? or just for want of something better to do? employment guided or mis-guided? poor and devalued employment, poor and mislead growth.

    More than doing one's best, as we all do, be it for good or for bad, but rather working for the better, as we all can, physically weak or strong! Ref: "my original paper, "Conversations on Innovations " freely available but pass word required (curtesy of Chemweb,Science direct Archive). Repetition helps consolidate one's resolve cf. the poem by Hugh Macdiarmid,with translation to french on WILLPOWER-TBD entitled
    The Nature of Will-TBD

    Change "management" defined not as some vague porridge word, change, consider the dichotomy-two opposing concepts- such as decline or growth together in life's struggle (2nd Law of Thermodynamics > 2nd Law of Thermodynamics , 20 years on de Rosnay,de Closet et al TBD)

    Growth*, the word is out, Bonsai, just picture it. Yes growth in the most literal biosherical, photosynthetic sense. If main indicators such as CO2 have not by now taught us, that one of the best, if not the best and oldest carbon sink and climate moderator is vegetation! It is also the one all humans know best even if, sometimes or often, forgotten. (NB. I have since been informed that this will not prove hugely insufficient and I feel obliged to blog further on these themes. Rather than diminish the importance of my comments it requires much stronger highlighting and underscoring)

    So lets collectively aim to encourage truely liberating energies, the most inexpensive kind, human energies; clear thinking, just a little courage to think out of the box and simply smile in the face the global nature of issues inherent in current Climate Change which more and more clearly help bring to light the many areas whereby, often simple actions, individual but much more important collective action are easily taken or adhered to, necesarry to maintain democracy. Even big issues concerning well known systems eg. transportation or agriculture can and should be taken, documented and accounted for, to pay ones way-the lightest vehicle of exchange.

    Many long standing problems facing humanity may disappear naturally and perhaps obviously under such action.

    There is no galloping demography in developped nations!
    Similar statistics & solutions may perhaps be found;
    to tap drinking Water, alleviate Food shortage, and improve Health.
    All ideas welcome Two fairly recent initiatives have been brought to my attention Nature's SciDev and France's "Reportersdespoir"
    Obviously such faith in current scientific findings, as expressind in these lines must not be considered final, but must be accompanied by parallel ongoing measurements, measurement improvements in quantity & quality, and in modeling. In fact only this morning I was reminded of the great expectations to arise from biomimicry, micro sensing, micro systems research. Reference to Bionics was made. May I suggest that an urgent sensors update approach in the form of a list of the natures known answers, "our knowledge of nature" be made widely available if only to both create the required synthetic sensors through biomimicry but also and maybe more productive,cheaper and effective to accept in more realistic time scales ie.with the proper credibility, for example through multivariable statistical computations Natures signs, Her Warnings, with more humility and use natures natural system with full enlightened respect.

    If this is not sufficient a BBC list of HOT TOPICS>

    "Thoughts from a Dumbledore Penseive Approach-respecting a chance remark made in my original paper-Conversations on Innovations freely available via Science Direct archive. Take a password and check for yourself. (cf also pre-prints on computer science, mathematics and chemistry.)

    If you still think climate change is some myth then check the references of the people involved in modifying the situation eg. Most of the Highly Reputeable Univiversities, Meteorological Centres, Numerical Analysis Companies for modeling, eg. NAG

    and last but not least, most if not all Respectable Companies....( While we are on the subject of respectability and verification; checklist those who are not involved but could and should be?)