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Friday, December 21, 2012

What Should a Sustainability Strategy Look Like? thanks to Mike Pitts of ESKTN,UK

The following approach " What Should a Sustainability Strategy Look Like? "
 is due to Mike Pitts, Lead Specialist-Sustainability at ESKTN, UK.

" ‘Climate change is like the internet: it gets bigger each year and is hard to make money out of’. These words of wisdom were from Paul Dickinson of the Carbon Disclosure Project (at the Sustainability Leaders Forum 2012) who went on the say that once you do work out how to make money from it, there’s a lot to be had. This principle underpins our view of sustainability: big economic, environmental and social trends that radically shift markets and provide considerable opportunities for innovative solutions for those prepared to grapple with them. After a week of meetings on the topic of sustainability, and meeting a lot of those doing pioneering work, I will share some useful lessons and examples.
Sustainability drives innovation
According to a new report from Edie and Temple almost seven in 10 businesses (69%) consider sustainability to be a priority business driver for success in 2012, and 45% of manufacturing businesses are now seeing sustainability as an important part of value creation. "

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