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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winning Soccer Free Kick explained_The Magnus Effect and the World Cup™ Match Ball | COMSOL Blog

For budding soccer players -goal scoring not to be missed!

1st method:. "The Beckham and Maradona curl obtained with the inside of the soccer football boot, and

2nd method: the curl by Eder, Nelinho, and Roberto Carlos with the outside of the soccer football boot is due to the Magnus effect. 

The effect is named after the scientist who first observed it in a laboratory in the 1850s. The Magnus effect explains the side-force on a sphere that is both rotating and moving forward. Here, we use it to analyze the World Cup™ match ball.

Where Sports Meet Engineering 
please read on:
Ed Fontes | June 12, 2014

The Magnus Effect and the World Cup™ Match Ball | COMSOL Blog