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Thursday, January 21, 2016

'Plastics, the environment and human health, in Phil Trans of the Royal Soc B: Biological Sciences_Contents_July 27, 2009, 364 (1526) & COP21?

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences | Table of Contents — July 27, 2009, 364 (1526): "Theme Issue 'Plastics, the environment and human health' compiled by R. C. Thompson, C. J. Moore, F. S. vom Saal and S. H. Swan"

Repeat :"Theme Issue 'Plastics, the environment and human health'

From memory of major environmental issues on main news media, I guess I am not the only person who has missed this major work on a major environmental problem; namely the  nefast effects of poor plastics disposal and insufficient,ineffective recycling. The responsability of the plastics industry is engaged. They are called upon to take a greater role in end use disposal. Recently, I learned of an initiative of a majour french supermarket providing a small reward for returned plastic water bottles. However the reward would not pay the energy used to return the raw material to the collection service!  Of course tap water is by far the answer to the water bottle problem and from the latest reports most EU countries can provide good, tasty drinking water. Cheers!

As a metallurgical process engineer in the the highly sucessful recycling of special metals and complext alloy industry (eg aero engine alloys)  I cannot let my colleagues in materials science and the plastics industry off the hook on this (these) critical issue(s)

I trust those concerned will benefit from this special edition of Phil Trans B from The Royal Society, UK. first published 2009.

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