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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New European Record-Science and Engineering - Solar PV-Photovoltaic Energy Converstion to Electricity Efficiency Reaches 39.4%

Record breaking news was announced by a team from Fraunhofer ISE-Institute for Solar Energy working within the EU project: Fullspectrum. Their work was brought to my attention today 26 Nov. 08 and described in some detail by the EU- Research Information Centre (RI).

Dr Andreas Bett, Department Head at Fraunhofer ISE, considers this to be one more decisive step in making it easier to generate a more cost-efficient use of these types of cells for terrestrial applications in a relatively short time and underlines the aim of such innovative projects:

"To achieve the highest conversion efficiencies and so help the young technology to become market competitive and to further sink (lower) the costs of generating electricity from the sun for the future."

The EU- RI centre's news letter article also pays some "self" tribute to the EU - FULLSPECTRUM -project which it remarks was chosen as one of the 40 success stories of the 6th Framework Programme.

More detailed information may be obtained from the following sources:


1. The EU- Research information centre.
which also provides links to many other R & D themes eg. Energy

2. Original link
39.7% – New European Record Efficiency for Solar Cells achieved by Fraunhofer ISE

3. FULLSPECTRUM -project website

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Creating Tomorrow - Never so necessary - Organisational Change Processes & Strategy

Critical comments with references (links) on the white paper: "Creating a Value Driven Change Capability for Executing Organisational Strategy from Cranfield School of Management – April 2008" by Prof Chris Edwards and Rob Lambert of Cranfield School of Management.

Several links to posts or ebooks refers to earlier work on this, my first  blog.