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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Outlandish-Can a Nuclear Bomb Explosion, the biggest known, alter the Earths Axis of Rotation?

This is a typical case of the "The Question is 80% of the Answer". In these times of Internet Power,(Flower power?) in many cases the "Question is 99.9% of the Anwser.

It's very late 1am local time but Tomorrow, I shall report my search to substantiate the answer to the Question, I asked myself "Can a Nuclear Explosion alter the Earths Axis of Rotation or Modify its Eccentricity, and so provide an albeit dangerous solution to "global warming". I shall log my rapid web search - only google & yahoo- and log some fairly simple, clear web pages which should allow us all to "archive such an "outlandish idea"! (TBD).

Untill then Goodnight- see you tomorrow.

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