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Monday, June 22, 2009

ebook _3rd World Industrial and Sustainable Development_A metallurgist replies to the D.Thomas Memorial Prize 1999.

3rd World Industrial and Sustainable Development

Systems approach to 3rd World development, esp Industrial, Social and Environmental Development.

The prize honours the Financial Times journalist who's interested by the above themes.

Submitted for the FT_ D.thomas Memorial Prize -3rd World Industrial Development

My ebook, Conversations-on-Innovations freely available on Scribd- download or read it below

My ebook_Conversations: In Search of a Physics-Chemistry of Innovation

A fresh, and hopefully refreshing, conversational styled, review of science's powerful and indispensable tool in humanities search for truth and knowledge, namely the experimental method.

The thread followed is due to B. Labour's proposition to apply the method more generally to the case of Knowledge versus Ignorance by encouraging its use collectively by a much wider spectrum of society, which may be called Innovating Team (IT).

The treatment suggests, not without humour and humility, that the universally acknowledged power of the experimental method, may be used for greatly improved effectiveness, when confronted with problems of a dichotomic nature (mutually opposing and exclusive).
The style, sometimes humorous, sometimes caustic, even poetic at times hopes to make enjoyable, good reading.

By applying a variant of the method Kiss,(Keep It Simple Stupid) three models are described to encourage scientists and non-scientists to map their path in life, within the interacting fields of science and society, both as individuals and together in interdisciplinary communities.

My Original ChemWeb preprint-Science Direct Achive ref. chemistry 0303001.

ebook_Conversations Search for a Physics-Chemistry of Inn…

Link to my ebook on Scribd[pdf, 20pages]

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

LINK to Light emitting diode-LED lighting up-date almost thwarted by Nature. Choose the right bulb.

Like many in this part of the world, I have a sample of all sorts of light sources including my recent change of 4 halogen spots 50W each for 4 LED spots (18 diodes each, power consumption per “spot”= 1W ) almost for the fun, I tell my sceptical or vested interest friends.

Link to full post.