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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Belated Acknowledgement to Virginia Tech (vt) Pilar of Doctoral Thesis Repositaries

In guise of heart felt sympathy for the victims in the still recent killings at Virginia Tech (VT); staff and students, but also extended to the survivors, fellow students,victims families, relatives and friends, for the disgrace no doubt felt by the innocent members of the killers family, I wish to write a few lines of of appreciation for the work of the Tech.

I learned to truely apppreciate VT. through their support for the Masters and Doctoral Thesis Repository, to my knowledge the first freely available public online Doctoral Thesis Library.[Link] What better tribute to humanity, the availability of high level useful science and technology.

I am pleased to add that their example has been joined by many of the most important Schools and Universities in the USA, Doctoral Thesis Library (FR).[Link_1] Pastel:Paris Institute of Technology_Doctoral Thesis Library (FR)_[Link_2]
NB. I support movements, in modern democracies, whose aims are the strict, tight control and eventually full abolishion of small hand arms often more accureately descibed as "weapons of war")

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