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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CAE, Computer Assisted Engineering & Smart Welds

Innovations: CAE, Computer Assisted Engineering for improved weld performance and durability assessment.

It is claimed that:
* New CAE tool will help OEM’s optimise component design
* Integrated approach will help reduce new model development time and costs.

A major international steel company, has developed a new computer aided engineering (CAE) approach to weld durability and performance assessment, which they believe will help auto-makers optimise component design and weld performance in vehicle structures.

The manufacturer[Link] html has developed a technique that could automate the complex task of generating an optimum weld pattern for a given vehicle component at the lowest welding cost whilst still meeting all manufacturing and performance targets. The CAE tool is reported to manage, assess and analyse multiple variables of weld patterns all in one single routine, thereby allowing engineers to quickly optimise the design for durability.

Auto makers today are under growing pressure to bring new cars to market faster and are increasingly using Computer-Aided Engineering in almost all areas of the development process and car design. However, until now, CAE has not been widely used in the area of weld performance and durability assessment.

The new CAE tools were developed by the company's Automotive Engineering, based at Warwick University, Director, Jon King and the company’s Research, Development and Technology (RD&T) operation based in IJmuiden, Holland synergising the company’s extensive materials expertise with a core knowledge in vehicle structural performance.”

This approach is felt to be unique and coupled with the company's continued investment in the latest IT systems that are required to power state-of-the-art CAE tools, has resulted in a new automated process that will significantly speed up weld design modification and optimisation leading to improved component performance and ultimately offering our OEM customers the ability to reduce vehicle development time and cost

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