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Monday, March 17, 2008

One Innovation most are awaiting - Longevity


I promised to pass on a couple of links I had on the Longevity theme, all the more relevant these days since a lot of people take Mars exploration oh so seriously, while others would like to stick around to see what will be the result of the Day's Big Matches "Burned or flooded or gased by climate change or frozen by either ocean current path change and lack of easily controllable energy (coal, oil, or petrol...) The other questions I had to ask myself was on which on my blogs to post the Longevity Links. Post it on:
-the current pages "Conversation-on-Innovations"?
-or on my newer "The Materials Chemists"? A bit of Alchemy could be helpful in these endeavors.
-or a bit poetic on "No_Holds_Bard"? Why not? Two links on serious science, more to come
-or again on "Metallurgy-Materials Science and Engineering"?.

That could be OK too, because one approach uses the classical engineering components bath-tub model made famous in the semi-con industry, remember, "Lots of failure at start-up (infant mortality!) things in life settle down to a standard steady state then old age, lack of energy, fossil or otherwise, or catastrophic climate-change or something catches up with the weeker "older generation" and Bye bye to the beautiful blue planet. Some of this may even shorten the steady state of current beatitude enjoyed by some.

Choices will wait: here are my longevity links:

1. "Longevity-Science Institute".


2. "The BBC Reith Lectures 2001: The End of Age".

4 commentaires:

Guna said...

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I am Kannan from India. I am physically challenged person but I can do all work independently.

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Thank you,

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James Alexander said...

Dear "Guna",

Thanks for your enquiry.

You can contact me via the Entrecard Icon. Or you may leave your email via the comment post box. Naturally, I wil not publish it without your consent. I will publish your final comment,with your agreement and in your best interest, when we have discussed it. Sincerely JA.

James Alexander said...

Menace or opportunity? Spam or genuine enquiry?

I'm afraid I waited as long as possible to allow you to clarify your request. Since this was not forthcoming. I have posted your comment "as is".

Kind Regards.

From the Moderator -JA.

williamhessian said...

great links! this is excellent.

thanks for the message, sorry the first one got lost in the fray. great post, i plan to link to you and this specific post in one of my next blogs about this topic: