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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coal Mining-Coal Fired Power Generation- Metallurgy Materials Advanced Proceses : Strong Focus on CO2 capture and storage-sequestration

Strong Determination and Innovation Required - Jobs? hence this short echo of this subject.
"Marshal plan to reduce the cost of this particular innovation is my wish for the new President of the EU _ 2009 with all respect Sir"

Link to my original post below:

From local (motivation) to global...

Systems /Synergy 4 Approach:
-click to enlarge the Venn Diag image opposite.

1. Focus: CCS-Carbon, Capture & Storage,
2.Mining (Coal)– Motivation, Coal reserves France(58)-Scotland, Ayrshire...
3.Coal Powered Electricity & Heat generation,
4.Metallurgy/Materials/Advanced Processes,

It is common knowledge that immediate action is required and plebiscited. The 2009 clean economy appears to be the time to start -get over this crises stuff and no hedging!

One of my resolutions will be to report on these fields and contribute as far as my professional skills permit.

cf. Full post:
New Years Resolution Time: Systems - Synergy 4 Motivation, Innovation in Our Professional Disciplines: Materials-Minerals-Mining.

4 commentaires:

Trade and economic issues said...

James ALEXANDER, I like to read your blog, this the fist... so next .. permit read again..

James Alexander said...

Thanks for this link and your blog focus and information. I found my next post via information on your own blog links. Thanks doubly - NB "Wedge-a-War" draws attention to "the good fight" "good for all" Wedge is a concept-philosophy-methodology to fight global warming due to Pacala-Socolow of Princton Univ.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

It looks like humanity has been taking out the carbon present inside the crust of the earth and pumping it into the atmosphere.

James Alexander said...

Amoungst other earthy things, yes LVS; GHG-green house gases, diverse waste etc. Hopefully true FLCA- Full Life Cycle Analysis approaches will become run of the mill - loads of stuff for number crunching!