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Monday, February 09, 2009

Coal Jobs- Editorial News Feb 2009 from The Institute of Mining Minerals and Materials

Coal news up dates from IOM3:

Celtic Energy re-opened an existing railroad line to carry output from the East Pit opencast site
to the coal washery. Each traiload can carry 1,400t of coal, equivalent to 70 lorry loads! The pit returned to full production in Sept. 08 due to growing demand for coal.

The investment will be in East Pit (Gwaun Cae Gurwen), where the company has already spent a total of £4 million in gearing up for production. This includes a £1.4 million spend alone on a new excavator and the introduction of a double shift in order to meet growing demand for Welsh coal. In total the number of jobs provided at the site will rise from 23 to 86, with 38 staff moving from other Celtic Energy sites. A major recruitment drive was launched to attract local people to fill the remaining positions.

Further investment will provide a £100 million boost to the local economy over 7 years.

The Institute hails such news in the face of current hesitations and job losses.

Let me add once more that almost all serious observers and one in particular the OECD Observer consider that "the focus on carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) seems particularily promising. cf. OECD refs 3,4, 5. below. I do indeed trust that OECD will finalise credible economic and financial instruments necessary to ensure that miners faith will turn into fact rather than fiction and greenhouse gas (GHG) friction.


Celtic Energy Coal Video

Menace and Opportunity
There are, of course, opponents to Fossil Fuel, and coal in particular. I have included one such LINK, the first I came across on UK mining operations.
I am afraid that much persuasion (carrot)clout(stick) and some disaster will be necessary before such major bad-play as one has seen to-date from the big two China and USA. (Coal and Power generation).
Strangely, CCS inertia, appears more prevailant in "dematerialised fields" partly in Economics (excepting the Stein Report) and more so in Financial issues than in strictly scientific, engineering and technological fields, or are the latter simply better qualified to understand the physical mechanics and dynamics of climate change?


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