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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The truth about the cost of wind according to French Think-Tank. The answer may not be blowing in the wind?

To restore the truth about the cost of wind

By Vincent Le Biez translation . J.A.

Despite the counter arguments advanced by professionals of industrial wind turbines, the Institut Montaigne-in French- persists and signs: Wind turbine energy does not meet a need in France, considering the (current) structure of its power generation installations, composed primarily of nuclear and hydropower, which are recognised as being particularly sober (low) in terms of CO2 emissions. Moreover, the achievement of the Grenelle of the environment, ie 25 GW of wind power installed by 2020, would result in additional costs to society of about 2 to 3 billion euros. The current development of this technology is only due to the purchase price guaranteed to farmers by the state over 15 years, which are particularly attractive rates, funded by electricity consumers and which allow the creation of "green-rents" whose validity is questionable.

PS I more or less needlessly translated the above abstract to the full Pdf-Policy Paper "AEOLIAN POWER: CASTING MONEY TO THE WINDS? – July 2008 by Vincent Le Biez. from french to english. The full paper is still in french unless the abstract(s) stir sufficient interest for readers to request a full translation. Why put an s on abstract? Because I had translated before I spotted the english version giving access to at least to summaries and abstracts. The english abstract is a slightly fuller version and better written to my mind than the original french version.

NB. This work refers to the Energy production side - not to the the Energy Consumption side.

Whatever aspect one choses to look or from whatever angle there appears to be little room for complacency especially in "our developpeded world" cf graphs and physics from Prof. David MacKay, FRS., author of "Without Hot Air." freely available online.

REF. 2nd Abstract . The original english abstract on Institut Montainge's site

Ref. (In French)
1. the Institut Montaigne

2. the Institut Montaigne -Wind turbines with access to full Pdf. document and Video discussions discussions.

en référence à : Eoliennes & développement durable : rétablir la vérité sur le coût de l'éolien [INSTITUT MONTAIGNE] (afficher sur Google Sidewiki)

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