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Friday, September 17, 2010

Innovation-at-Work: Companies who help accelerate innovation and of course social progress and economic growth

I discovered the innovation focused company, Innovia Technology, Cambridge UK, thanks to the Google AdSense on my Materials Science & Engineering focused pages Materials Science and Engineering Defined.

Innova Technologies "Capabilities and Approach" page sums up succinct important messages for innovators and their clients:
"Breakthrough innovation relies on breadth of perspective, insight, agility, and integration.

Our balanced, holistic approach to innovation gives us the flexibility to find a fast and effective route through uncertainty.

We combine creative skills to make leaps of imagination with the systematic analytical thinking needed to turn dreams into vivid, manufacturable reality.

In addition to our in-house skills, we actively develop and maintain an extensive network of associates, including leading academics and industry specialists."

Innovia proposes an most instructive list of case studies via an easy to scan web page.


Creativity in Materials Science, Invention, Innovation - Innovation Sells.

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