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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Economist Ideas Economy Conference on Innovation-Notes by Innocentives

When arguably The N°1 weekly magazine on economy encounters (and supports) the scientists and engineers N° 1 choice for web based virtual lab "Innocentive Challenges" it is well worth taking note(s). In this case the notes are taken by Gabriel Eichler, Director of Consulting for InnoCentive published on Innocentive's blog.

A list of the most recognizable presenters is given

Hal Varian – Chief Economist at Google,Henry Chesbrough – UC Berkeley – Author and Leading Open Innovation Academic,Peter Schwartz – Co-founder and Chairman of Global Business Network,Scott Cook – Founder and Chairman of Intuit,Aneesh Chopra – CTO of the United States Government, Elon Musk – Found of Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX,Jack Dorsey – Founder of Twitter, and Dwayne Spradlin – InnoCentive’s CEO

Perhaps of more interest were the results of the Economist sponsored innocentive challenge.

Solvers were asked to propose new business plans that were innovative, scalable, viable and impactful. 100+ submissions we received and narrowed down to the best four proposals and brought them to the conference for the final evaluation.

The four finalists and their ideas were as follows:

• Anjai Lal – Agro-Engine

• Alan Klanac – A true Service (Ship) Yard

• Ani Vallabhaneni – Sanergy

• Karle Schlieff – True Blue

Keep tuned to for the over-all winner and better follow up the innovative projects proposed.

NB. Next conf and challenges
The future Economist Ideas Economy events are on Information, June and Human Potential in September. As usual Innocentive will run a special Challenge for each conference.

en référence à :
"the future Economist Ideas Economy events such as Information in June and Human Potential in September. We’ll be there, running a special Challenge for each conference."
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