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Sunday, September 27, 2015

LINK_ideaconnection Industry Cchallenges-Mechanical Airplane Fastener Failure-due-to-Fatigue

Managers, Materials Scientists,Technicians and Engineers:This site is well worth a visit-
ideaconnection Industry Cchallenges-Mechanical Airplane Fastener Failure-due-to-Fatigue

Challenges cover a wide range of disciplines both industrial and academic.

Best wishes all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wind power in Scotland - environment - From The New Scientist motivated arguably by "The Scots Independent Spirit and Renewable Energy Ambitions"

"Scotland is arguably one of the greenest countries in Europe.(notice the nuance) It produces 40 per cent of Scottish electricity demand from renewable sources, and models suggest this could rise to 67 per cent by 2018. That's closing in on the government's goal of producing enough green power to supply the equivalent of all of Scottish demand by 2020.

According to the well known adage "A  picture is worth a thousand words" allow me to bring to your attention the highly significant information on  Wind Energy Installations and projects in Scotland here.

I have taken a little of the sting from the article source in New Scientist since Scotland has, I am glad to say, opted to remain in the UK, at least as long as UK votes to stay in Europe. Leaving the current balance of payments in UK's favour it is ironical that "Southern-UK" cannot see its true role as a "Strong voice, critic if you will, and positive adviser" ever in Europe. and remain true to tradition as an island  that helped enormously to keep Nazism and Fascism off its shores and kick extremism out of the EU. The experience of UK and Commonwealth could provide one model for the current troubled world of refugees seeking shelter "AT ALL COSTS". So come on lads play it fair.  And what a performance from Scotland's Windy renewable energy programme.  


Scotland: Wind will power the Scots green ambitions - environment - 28 May 2014 - New Scientist

NEW Scientists full article Futures for Scotland still relevent!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Innovation union-A Free well illustrated pocket guide on Innovation & Growth_A Europe 2020 initiative

Innovation union - Research policy and organisation - EU Bookshop: "Innovation union
A pocket guide on a Europe 2020 initiative" is a well illustrated little guide with some important lessons and some solid statistical data on the benefits of innovation for crisis resolution and economic growth.

"Europe’s future is connected to its power to innovate. The Innovation Union, an action-packed initiative for an innovation-friendly Europe, is the solution. It forms part of the Europe 2020 strategy that aims to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" says the EU Commission's Directorate for Research & Innovation

REMARK straight from the heart before listing the subject in the pocket guide:
However it may loose some punch by falling into the classical EU communication trap of announcing something for every one. cf point 10 below.  While apparently pulling hard for the famous flat playing field, I for one would like to see EU innovating a relatively easy no competition ruling on cross border drug selling, namely tobacco, Standardise price across the EU based on the highest price currently used to prohibit this proven cancerous inducing highly costly practise.

The Pocket Guide_Headings and visual supports

1. Why do we need an Innovation Union?
2. How is the European Union doing this?
MAIN COMPETITORS - Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011.
4. What is_ Innovation defined 
“Innovation is the ability of individuals, companies and entire
nations to continuously create their desired future”
John Kao, “Innovation Nation” (2007).
5. Where & How_Innovation is everywhere, Examples are given.
6. Best way to beat the crises_Innovate our way out.. Graph 1.

7. Business environment and economic recovery, Graph 2.
8. Ideas need an innovation-friendly environment to grow and becomeproducts or services that will benefit us all and our economies. Hurdles to be overcome, (info-graphs) by:-
 Improving conditions and access to finance for research and innovation in Europe, we can ensure that innovative ideas can be turned into products and services that create growth & jobs.
9.Large place for science
Innovation Union initiative aims to:
-Make  Europe a world-class performer in science.
Revolutionise the way the public and private sectors work together, notably through innovation
Remove bottlenecks – create an internal market for skills, patents, venture capital, innovation procurement and standard setting to foster ideas being quickly implemented on the market.
- Pretended  Benefits for Citizens and public authorities. 
The initiative claims that it will make it easier for you to market your ideas and develop your company.
-Researchers and engineers
The initiative will make it easier for you to conduct your research in Europe.



A pocket guide on the Innovation Union

Innovation Union progress at country level 2014

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winning Soccer Free Kick explained_The Magnus Effect and the World Cup™ Match Ball | COMSOL Blog

For budding soccer players -goal scoring not to be missed!

1st method:. "The Beckham and Maradona curl obtained with the inside of the soccer football boot, and

2nd method: the curl by Eder, Nelinho, and Roberto Carlos with the outside of the soccer football boot is due to the Magnus effect. 

The effect is named after the scientist who first observed it in a laboratory in the 1850s. The Magnus effect explains the side-force on a sphere that is both rotating and moving forward. Here, we use it to analyze the World Cup™ match ball.

Where Sports Meet Engineering 
please read on:
Ed Fontes | June 12, 2014

The Magnus Effect and the World Cup™ Match Ball | COMSOL Blog