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Saturday, October 01, 2016

EUROPA - Research and Innovation: RSS FEED added to my header

Although EUROPA news feed figure quite extensively on my basic skills blog

(Metallurgy,Materials Science and Technology_specifically process reseach and development in the fields of special steels and and alloys-esp. Nickel based refractory and superalloys.)  

I believe this FEED could be of use to readers involved in innovation and perhaps to those tackling Innovation Challenges whose feed also figures on the header pages of my innovation orientated blog
Conversations-on-Innovations. Looking forward to learning of readers own sucess stories on these themes.

REFERENCE: Here is the link to the full list of  EU-EUROPA's RSS feed  and

PS. I have just downloaded the free report entitled Frugal Innovation (pdf) in the theme entitled, Key Enabling Technologies.


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