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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HBR's Conversation Starters

I am glad Harvard Business Online (HBR online) got in touch.

I have not explicitly chatted about management for some time, although many of my posts imply, more or less calling upon "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR).

The "Conversation Starter" for HBR's new online approach (global by definition labelled "GlobalBus" on their web link string) thought I might be interested by their leader post "Why Robert Reich Is Wrong About Corporate Social Responsibility", by Mike Kramer.

By some coincidence this theme appeared to me, to be related to my post "Healthy Steel? Smart Steel. " earlier this week 13/09/2007 on these blog pages.

Without any further ado, I whole heartedly recommend reading M. Kramer's "conversation starter" , its links and ensuing discussion. [Link]

I further recommend even to those deprived of the full review paper(s) to follow the excellent summary and links to related papers.

Action: Change the title of my post from "Healthy Steel? Smart Steel to "Healthy steel is smart steel" & its corrollary "Smart steel is Healthy steel".

Many thanks Harvard, Kramer, The Economist and "The numerous conversation contributers".

Ref: Theodore Zelden's essay "On Conversation"

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