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Friday, January 16, 2009

How to Make Positive Change - 9 Top-Tips.

At the risk of talking to myself, I feel "How to Make Positive Change - 9 Top-Tips. is very appropriate for the aims of this blog and a reminder of many of my posts and tendency to diversify. It may help some of you who have left comments on How as opposed to Why.

"I cannot give the original source, but I think it is a useful list for thinking about how to plan large scale positive changes towards sustainability. "

To make change happen you need the following:

1. Discipline yourself in selection of Issues for action -- Limit your attention to issues you can influence
2. Discipline yourself in pursuit of issues over an extended time
3. Development of detailed analysis of the problem and preferred solution(s) -- Who are the stake holders? Why is the system operating as it currently does?
4. Develop a long term strategy
5. Develop multi-faceted strategy -- What if plan A fails? B? and so on...
6. Develop coalitions, collaborations, and partnerships with like-minded groups, organizations and individuals
7. Develop mutual communication, understanding and cooperation with like-minded movements in other countries.

Retrieved from "Appropedia.org/Making_change"

8. Read JM Pearce's paper on Climate2008 and brush-up on the fundamentals of LCA-Life- Cycle Analysis as I am cf. previous post.

9. Read and share as many of the excellent other papers in Climate2008 as you see fitting. A mouse scroll-over function allows one to read a short summary of each paper to help the reader chose according to his/her interests.

My ref for 7 Top Tips comes from JM Pearce's, Mechanical Eng. Queen's Univ. Kingston Ontario,Canada User: Appropedia.org

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