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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs... Data requested on New Caledonia-Nouvelle Calédonie_Leaching Waste Dischage in Lagoon. Madness say's specialist, re. Thalassa FR3.

Leaching Waste Dischage into New Caledonian Lagoon by pipeline project is in it's advanced stages. "Madness!" say's one on-site specialist, re. Thalassa FR3.

NB. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs..! But how many and how soon in order to solve the waste discharge environmental issues...!

As I post in "Materials Science and Engineering Defined", on the Coal Mining, Power and Materials theme "Coal Research Forum_Minerals and Coal Mining Concerns, Efforts and Progress Tackling Global Energy and GHG-CO2 Emissions Challenges", a "new" mining environmental theme has been brought to my attention, namely, the project to pipe leaching residue-acid and heavy metals- waste from nickel mining and separation into a lagoon in New Caledonia-Nouvelle Caledonie by a large mining group (Brazilian) involved in Nickel mining in New Caledonia-Nouvelle Calédonie, ref. the highly reputable Thalassa longest running French TV programme (FR3).

All data highly appreciated.

Follow-up by Thalassa, FR3.

I trust that any illusions I may harbour concerning minerals and mining will not be shattered -no not so early in the New Year at least!

In France we nolonger say -"Au bas mot (as a last word) we say Obama! " If necessary a joint EU - USA stance may be of great assistance. Let's get the data!

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