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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Innovation_Two Commented Videos not to be Overlooked_Your Company (profit and loss) and even Country (Survival) bottom lines in Greatest Danger

2 Extremely Important links:

1. Posted on the 21 May 2009 Video in French, with my comments in english.

Political Solution to combat Climate Change effectively_One and only one indispensible measure required to substantially reduce CO2-GHG emissions

2. While in the process of setting up a new quadruple video album, followers will perhaps have noticed that a very influential video by Cambridge Univ's Prof. David "withouthotair" Mackay. Please, please take a few minutes to view it.

NB. Both authors, one French, one British, reach very similar conclusions as to the extent of energy policy changes required and to the urgency with which the measures must be taken ie.Get out of fossil fuels!

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