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Monday, May 11, 2009

New comments-Conversations with B.J. Sovacool on Nuclear Power Plant, Coal Fired Power Generation, GHG emissions

Link to post and first conversations with B.J. Sovacool on Energy related power generation Life Cycle Analysis and Implications.

What is the weight of good, peer reviewed serious scientific studies in the face of marketing and communication campaigns, often based entirely on the "historical cost analysis accountancy model" in order, it seems, to slow industrial resolve to progress to meet the newly highly recommended world standards (reduction of CO2 by 90%_in some short time... when we start in earnest ) notably in Coal Fired Power Generation by CCS-carbon capture and sequestration.

A link to a video was brought to my attention, whereby The American "so called Clean" Coal Coalition, arguably focus their pitch at children, once upon a time an offence in UK at least, and go on to hold the public to ransom on the grounds of employment in "mislead" industrial enterprises whereby capture and storage of CO2 has to all extent and purpose not begun.

From my professional past, I too am faced with the same dilemmas! Do my past professional skills in High Temperature Energy Materials area fit the new markets which are looming clearly as renewable energy, especially non-fossil fuels, electricity dominated markets. Some are far advanced in their choice of energy sources, some in policies they recommend often forcefully.

The link to this recent conversation is:

Life-Cycle Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Route_Cradle-to-Grave, GHG-CO2equivalent emissions_Nuclear Inspections

Please do not hesitate to join in.

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