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Monday, September 03, 2012

More on Innovation - more innovation from the RAE-The Royal Academy of Engineering

In my previous blogpost I introduced readers to the RAE's work and their website. Herin we shall dig a little deeper into their comprehesive approach to innovation and present the dedicated part of their magazine Ingenia.

Here are a few examples of innovation themes highlighted  (page one of 2):
Full articles are freely available via their site under the title Innovation Watch

INNOVATION WATCH - Indoor Sunlight
Monodraught’s sun pipes are replacing artificial light with daylight in schools, hospitals 
and warehouses
INNOVATION WATCH - Pocket-sized programming
The Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes creative computing education with its credit-card
sized PC
INNOVATION WATCH - Railway track reinforcement
Balfour Beatty’s XiTrack is an innovative polyurethane polymer that gels around the 
ballast beneath rail tracks to stabilise them
INNOVATION WATCH - Indoor positioning system
Cambridge-based Ubisense combines Ultra Wide Band radio, RFID tags and GPS 
to create a sophisticated object-tracking system
Innovation Watch - Helping Buildings Breathe
A Cambridge based company, Breathing Buildings, has achieved rapid commercial 
success by producing a pioneering method of natural ventilation in buildings
Innovation Watch - Greener buses
Greener buses
Innovation Watch - Intelligent queue monitoring
Retail businesses are using infrared technology to speed up customer queuing times
Innovation Watch - Home area network for energy visibility and control
AlertMe is a recent UK innovation helping consumers control their energy usage.
Innovation Watch - Radical approach to air decontamination
A machine that decontaminates indoor air and surfaces eliminating viruses, bacteria and 
Innovation Watch - Secure Hypervisor
‘Virtualisation’ enables computing resources to be optimised for power and performance
INNOVATION WATCH - Flybrid Flywheel
Affordable hybrid cars could soon be on the market thanks to a new kind of mechanical 
energy storage device.
INNOVATION WATCH - A quiet revolution
A new generation of wind turbines designed to take into account the turbulent wind patterns of urban environments.
Innovation Watch: shock absorbing material
A flexible polymer that stiffens on impact is now being used in protective sportswear, 
military equipment, and in coverings for high-value goods.
Innovation Watch - Autonomous taxis
A new form of driverless taxi is set to ferry passengers at Heathrow Terminal 5
Innovation Watch -
Water bottle is a life-saver
A water bottle that can filter out microscopic viruses and chemicals to provide survivors 
in disaster areas with clean water.

I strongly encourage readers to visit the RAE online magazine site.

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