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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get your Carbon Sequestration Site on the Map - Reduce GHG emissions, Improve Company-Gov Image, Visibility, ROI...for fun Beat GeoSAT-Ubuki

Industrialists, Governments are you still stalling?

Get your Carbon Sequestration Site on the Map.

Engage in an "Open-Book management approach" to CCS-Carbon Capture and Storage.

Seven Perceived advantages are $, £, , ¥, ₨, 元 (your choice?):
-Improve your company or government-national image,
-Increased visibility from the growing environmentally conscience internet based society.
-Get on the side of scientifically based ecology and have a positive, caring, increased influence in national, and global issues
-Take a strong marketing position.
-Make "Or-well's " big-brother monitoring "obsolete"(for fun) or more accurately reduced expensive satellites construction and launch, simply to an optimum-a minimun of wise precautionary measures.
In short
-Increase credibility with a badly disallusioned public-voters, smaller share holders, the market.

Did I forget your currency?
As long as it's only money, pick it's symbol here LINK and drop me line.

Industrialists, Governments still stalling? Whatever the reason, get your Carbon Sequestration Site on the Map, thanks to an initiative from The Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage, School of Geo-sciences, University of Edinburgh

The Centre's interactive map shows commercially significant CCS sites (planned or operational) around the globe.

It is designed as an interactive resource for the emerging CCS industry. We invite industry members to locate their relevant site on the google map and feed information into the map as their project progresses.

The SCCS map focuses on proposed full scale or large CCS sites around the world. 'Large' refers to the amount of CO2 that is planned to be injected. Any site planning on injecting over 700,000 tonnes CO2 per year has been included. 700,000 tonnes was picked as an arbitrary amount because of the large number of smaller research/demo plants. The smaller sites are of course significant, and will be added to the google map nearer the time that they go live.

View the SC-CS Map, try-it, learn and engage; register your Carbon Sequestration Site [Link html] .

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