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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Climate Change 3 part series from FT-Financial Times-"No getting away from it" Follow-up from OCDE Forum 2008?

"Climate change – and its wider impact – is incontestably the most important issue facing mankind today – and tomorrow, too. It affects all people, regardless of nationality, faith or colour. In the first of a three part series Financial Times looks at the science of climate change-link html. "

The series is being run in association with another of my old cronies and major client GE of USA. as we used to say (CF56 central shaft in Alloy 718, aero-engine programme). Here is the
GE Ecomagination site Home Page-link

Undoutably I shall come back to this FT up-date survey (incidentally following OCDE's Forum 2008 mentionned in the previous post) and your questions,suggestions and comment at this stage are most welcome, so
do not be shy

Enjoy reading the FT's business and financial angle (view).

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