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Friday, June 06, 2008

Innovation : Science Business new free report, ESOF, Science Prize Awards

Information on innovation appears to be overwhelming. I pledge to do some ground work on the subject, since I chose this title and subject for this my first web-log series "Conversations" in the Theodore Zeldin sense remember. There are a number of critics from the world of literature, philosophy, human relations discipline on the wide spread belief of we scientists and engineers, including myself that the technology can fix all. Before looking at these criticisms which I trust will bring some balance and increased credibility to some of the themes defended more or less inadvertently, here are some Innovation dedicated initiatives.

1. Free report from Science Business, cf image and
2. NEWS from the
European Science Organisation Forum.
Fraunhofer announces winners of the Science Prizes Award 2008
ref. ScienceBusiness -->
Winners of the Stifterverband Science Prize, the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prizes and the Hugo Geiger Prizes were announced at the annual Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft conference, held in Berlin on 28 May 2008. The prizes all celebrate success in applied research.

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Hello James,

Yesterday, u left a comment on my blog myviny.co.nr on a post India-US Nuclear Deal. While reading ur comment, I got a question in my mind which i have written as a different post on my blog. I would be happy if u visit my blog and answer the question. U can leave ur answer in the comment of that post.

Now, one thing i want to add. I was happy to find that u r French. Because recently I have got interested in learning French language. and this interest was created when I became a fan of Alizee. U must be knowing her. So, I would be really very happy if I can have some sort of contact with u.