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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OVER THE SKY: India-US Nuclear Deal-Part 2

Outlandish III:
May I bring the nuclear weapons non-proliferation experts attention to this interesting web-log, posted by our young Indian friend, Vineet. His reflections and speculations on Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation led me to post on recent declarations by no less than Two Eminent Nuclear Scientists in the short time lapse of the last month or so, both obviously powerful opponents to Nuclear Weapons Proliferation. I fully adhere to their competent, highly intelligent and experienced opinion in these matters.

May I add that the UN appointed "Nobel Peace Prize winning- International Atomic Energy Authority" are currently studying, so called "secret" reports according to press, ref. from memory: "The NY Times - Le Monde - Supplement in English" -my memory is still good: NY Times selected weekly articles by Le Monde, World Trends, Saturday, June 7, 2008. entitled "U.N.'s New Urgency On a Nuclear Iran".

Cheers and
Best Wishes

refs: More information cf.
Nobel Peace Prize winner "Pugwash".
UN-IAEA Nobel Peace Prize 2005.
3. Systems Approach to the Arms Race in
The 5th Discipline The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge – Systems approach. & Last but not least,
My published talk on Project Management in this blog, 2006. Very well written in my, obviously biased but humble, opinion. This ref.4. deserves a more impartial highly critical judgement such as the huge excellent english speaking Indian Readership.

OVER THE SKY: India-US Nuclear Deal-Part 2

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