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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Peace in Our Time" reminder for younger readers: VINEET KUMAR TRIPATHI -Open Exchange - Blog Comments limited so response requested published below


I am not in any manner expert in these matters, so I refer you to the experts. cf previous post & ref below.

Concerning paper agreements, probably useful to some extent, depending on the dependability of the parties involved (bilateral-2 or the more complicated Multilateral treaties - eg. Kyoto) however we in Europe have well learned our lesson from the the famous Munich agreement between Chamberlain, the UK Prime minister at the time (1939), and the the infamous totalitarian Hitler "where a paper signed by some"is not even worth the poorest quality toilet paper! Chamberlain's reputation, ruining, action as he waved the treaty above his head on return from Munich, saying "Peace in our Time". One year later Britain under Churchill was forced into WWII.

I have great respect for India, and and excellent memories of the people whom I met there in Hyderabad, and more especially worked with: Dr. Tamanka DG of the MIDHANI, MOD project, Mr. Mahapatra Technical Director at the time and his team too many to mention individually, many of whom studied with us at the Imphy plant in France and exchanged cultural and lifestyle concepts with my wife and I in Nevers, France. Later, Dr. Cherukuru, a friend of my MIDHANI colleagues, invited me to his company Kalyani Steel Ltd in Puna, Bombay Region, to offer assistance and exchange views on special processes.

I do not study politics or foreign policy-negotiation. I do try to stay abreast of current affairs and from the little I know of
Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh of India, am fully confident in his ability to keep India on the rails to peace, health and prosperity for all.

I do hope and trust that no one group of silly individuals or misguided country(ies), will "push their luck now, too (Two?) far."

I feel I am sounding a bit too pedantic. Let me end on a lighter note hopefully as enjoyable as useful: cf "My Poem" entitled:
"From Entropy to Poetry"

Strong Reference:
Nobel Peace Prize winner "Pugwash".



1 commentaires:


So you have been to India. Well I really liked ur post. Your analysis of the history is good. Not to mention, I did not earlier know the information provided in this post.
Glad to see that response.
A lot of good wishes.