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Sunday, June 01, 2008

OCDE Forum 2008 : Climate Change, Growth , Stability: Prime Innovation Motivation Conversation 2-4 June 2008?

I was a lucky guest at the 2006 Forum to the forum thanks to the Club "e-reflexion" [Link in French] a group of young globally minded students in France.

The somewhat ambiguous title of the 2006 event was : Balancing Globalization. The 2006 full programme and paper links may be found in the [
[Themes discussed-Link]. Could it possibly be that the Global Economy is "Unbalanced?"

I left the conference feeling that at least the notion had been addressed. Of course as a chemists, metallurgists and engineers we know well what
thermodynamics and kinetics[poem link] has to say about exaggerated imbalance and short time scales=>EXPLOSION!

Now, in 2006 I was a very young blogger-tentative start Mid-2005, cf. My Profile on this blog "Conversations". By working to build my my web-log, posts and pages, I became acutely aware of the current major issue of Climate Change (& it's corollary Shortage of easily harnessed Energy) and their cumulative current & predicted incidence on Economic Growth and Global Balance(again) or Stability (Social peace?). These are precisely the themes of this weeks
OCDE Forum 2008. Indeed and only "INDEED" will such a dire situation improve for the benefit of the Global Population. Fortunately the very intelligent Stearn Report, requested by the equally intelligent Economist & current UK-PM, Gordon Brown (a Scot, by the way) has set a serious, enlightening basis : "A big budget, no, a huge budget - Carrots for all? -Entrepeneur's wanted?".

Well, pun intended, I hope and must trust that OCDE-known as "The Club of the Worlds Rich Nations" will take theses pleas to heart, put dogma aside, and make this forum 2008 a big step in the "clean & proper direction" ie. advise on, participate in a gigantic global clean-up and use it's weight to bring the proper Balance & Prosperity! Strongly influence it's "so called rich"-for here too lies some ambiguity or more precisely, blatent imbalance."

However in Global terms, I trust that OCDE, Jacque Attali & I agree, that by Growth we meanS "Tropical Rain-forests, no? - N'est ce pas? cf. my "rainforest-design-choice" for my global visitor maps on all four of my web-logs... Let me make a perhaps radical sugestion that Tropical Rainforest's Units. be taken as the "Standard State" or Base measure equivalent to the "Solution" Standard State used in chemical thermodynamics. Just a first idea, requiring more R&D work to bring such
"Millenium Project" Notions to life. Further as Jacque Attali reported in his recent (this week) radio chronic -"Europe 1 "Comment va le Monde"[in French]: "Rainforest -deforestation, due to fire and exploitation, eliminates a surface equivalent to that of the UK each year, and that no new technology is required to solve this major sustainable development problem for humanity ie. Action here constitutes one or many, the more the merrier, gigantic "Socolow Wedge(s)."[link-pdf]

MAP of the Rainforests. Rainforests account only for 6% of the Earth's surface! Acknowledgement due to Caltech Space Radiation Lab.

NB. No visitors to date from Australia. Aussies most welcome. Nor from our friends in South America - Brazilians; come on lads, I worked for a short time on some steelmaking technology transfer -
Brazilian partner at the time, APARACIDA Co. from memory and with an ex- Sheffield University PhD., Dr Bustamanti of APARACIDA incidentally a school colleague of my very good friend at Imphy SA. the late Dr. James Davidson, sadly missed.

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